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Information about:

Musician Training Center's Musician Training Center (MTC) is a suite of multimedia, interactive training programs for musicians. Windows and Mac versions are available.

For more details you can see the Courses page, or the Software Documentation page, or simply Download the software and try it for yourself.

The name "Micrologus"

The Latin word "Micrologus" means "handbook" or "method" or "tutorial", and the "Micrologus Musicae" (i.e. "Music Method") is the title of a 1000-years old book in which Guido of Arezzo invented the system of writing notes on the staff (which we are still using today), and other innovative methods for teaching music.

Guido's methods worked very well and remained the main reference in musical education for centuries. His Micrologus could be even considered as the starting point of modern Western music as we know it.

By naming this web site "" we wish to pay homage to all the great music teachers and innovators from the ancient past until the present.

With that inspiration, our Musician Training Center is an effort to use today's technology to make it easier and faster for you -- the musicians of today and tomorrow -- to develop your skills and produce great music for everyone.

The logo

MTC Logo's logo is a symbolic representation of progress, in the form of these two triangles:

A green triangle MTC Logo green triangle representing an upward trend, the improvement of useful skills over time, and

A red triangle MTC Logo red triangle representing the downward trend of defects, problem areas, and all the limitations that hold you back.

The idea that with good training strategies one can progressively resolve one's problem areas (decreasing the red) and develop desirable skills (increasing green) is then represented as the combination of these two triangles, with the overlapping area, the intermediate stage of progress, drawn in yellow: MTC Logo

The same colors, red, yellow and green, are also used in various progress charts within the program, with red indicating errors, yellow indicating improvement, and green indicating the parts that have been mastered.

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