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Additional details and screen shots:


Artificial Intelligence Ear Trainer

  • Question-and-answer ear training method.
  • Suitable for all musicians, from beginners to top pro.
  • Melodic line training.
  • Notes over chords training.
  • AI engine ensures optimal training difficulty levels at all times.
  • The software measures your progress, shows graphics, and helps you train in a very enjoyable as well as effective way.
Artificial Intelligence Ear Trainer screenshot


Sight Reading Method

  • Interactive, progressive exercises to read music at first sight.
  • Suitable for all instruments and singers.
  • Treble and bass staff.
  • Rhythmic training at varied speeds.
  • Play-along training, metronome-led training, and self-timed training help you develop a strong sense of time.
  • Multiple keys training.
  • Exercises in different time signatures.
  • Totally customizable exercises.
  • The software measures your progress, shows graphics, and helps you train effectively where you needed it the most.
Sight Reading Method screenshot


Improvisation By Degrees

  • Progressive improvisation training from beginner to super-advanced levels.
  • Suitable for all instruments.
  • Interactive and play-along exercises.
  • Includes "pillar notes" training.
  • Develops deep practical knowledge of chords and scales.
  • Extremely enjoyable play-along training.
  • Customizable training tools help you practice and rehearse solos on tunes of your choice.
Improvisation By Degrees screenshot


Absolute Fretboard Trainer

  • Helps you master every note and every position on the fretboard.
  • Suitable for all stringed instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, banjo, etc.)
  • Progress map shows your current knowledge of every note and position, and guides you in practicing where you need it the most.
  • Includes practice in different keys.
  • Ensures you master note names both as flats and as sharps.
  • Position-to-note and note-to-position training.
  • Basic sight reading practice helps you perfect your knowledge of the position of the notes on the staff.
Absolute Fretboard Trainer screenshot


Multilateral Ear Trainer

  • The result of this course is "If you can hear it, or imagine it, you can play it"
  • Suitable for all instruments.
  • Interval-intensive training gives you mastery of intervals.
  • Position-intensive training teaches you how to play anything you hear from any position on the instrument.
  • Progress maps track your skills and show you where you need training the most.
  • Link-intensive training boosts your ability to play any phrase you hear or think.
Multilateral Ear Trainer screenshot


Guitar Speed Trainer

  • Develop the ability to play clean, precise, and very, very fast.
  • Especially designed for guitar players.
  • Tracks your "speed profile", i.e. your skill level in the 7 main areas of guitar playing.
  • Uses the extremely effective "speed curve" training strategy.
  • Clear instructions and specialized, highly effective speed-oriented exercises.
  • Easily use the speed curve to master your own melodies, difficult passages at high speed, important solos, etc.
Guitar Speed Trainer screenshot


Guitar Scales Method

  • Develop the ability of playing in any key, anywhere on the fretboard.
  • Especially designed for guitar only, with standard tuning.
  • Makes you a master of the guitar fretboard from the point of view of scales and modes.
  • Play-along tools for practicing scales on both random chords and specific chord progressions.
  • Scale pattern trainer helps you develop speed and precision as well as deeper scale mastery.
Guitar Scales Method screenshot


100 Chords Method

  • Master the 100 most important chords on guitar.
  • Suitable for intermediated to advanced guitar players.
  • "Snap" technique-building training.
  • Chart-reading training.
  • Chord recognition by ear training.
  • Progress-tracking chart shows your progress at a glance and helps you train where you need it the most.
100 Chords Method screenshot


Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer

  • Helps you develop virtuoso-level chops on fretboard instruments.
  • Supports guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, left-handed instruments, open tunings, etc.
  • Specialized exercises for left hand, right hand, coordination, and groove.
  • Progress map shows your increase in speed and precision over time and guides you in practicing where you need it the most.
  • No music theory to study, only highly effective play-along practice.
  • Suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to super-advanced.
Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer screenshot
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