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MTC for Windows:
Download and install
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MTC for Mac OS X:
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Windows: Download and install

MTC runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Step 1: Download the latest version of the MTC installer for Windows:

Download Windows installer:


Note: Some browsers or firewall programs such as Norton and McAfee may give you a warning about the dangers of downloading software from the Internet, or even block the download. In any case, please rest assured that MTC is a completely safe and well-behaved program!

Step 2: Run the installer.

Here again some anti-virus programs or Windows itself may issue some warning such as this:

Windows warning 1

In that case, clicking on "More info" will change the warning to this:

Windows warning 2

And then you can click on "Run anyway" to proceed with the installation.

Windows installation steps

Note: Some other installation warnings may be displayed on different versions of Windows or by different anti-virus programs, but in any case, once again, please rest assured that Musician Training Center is 100% safe to install and use.

Step 3: Run the program.

When the program starts for the first time, it will ask if you want to use it with your MTC account. You can create an MTC account here for free. Using MTC with an online account protects all your training data, progress history, personalized exercises, free and premium courses, etc. and allows you to use MTC on any computer while having all your data always up to date. More information is available in the Getting Started tutorial inside the program itself and in the MTC account page here.

The program allows you to register your MTC account when it starts. If you don't want to use it with an MTC account, choose "Run unregistered":

MTC first use

Step 4: Start discovering MTC.


Windows: uninstallation

Here is how to completely remove MTC from a Windows machine:

Step 1: Open Windows' Control Panel, open the page "Programs and Features" (or "Add/Remove Programs" in older versions of Windows), locate "Musician Training Center" and click on "Uninstall":

Windows uninstall 1

The above step removes all the files that were written during installation.

Other files were created after installation, during normal program use. To remove them:

Step 2: Delete the following folders and their contents:

C:\Program Files\Musician Training Center (installation folder on 32-bit Windows machines)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Musician Training Center (installation on 64-bit Windows machines)
C:\ProgramData\Micrologus\MTC (MTC user data)
My Computer\My Documents\Musician Training Center (MTC automatic backups)

After that, MTC is completely uninstalled from your Windows machine.


Mac OS X: Download and install

MTC for Mac OS X runs on Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard.

Step 1: Download

MTC for Mac is packed in this DMG (disk image) file:

Download Mac OSX installer:


Step 2: Open

Double-click on MusicianTrainingCenter.dmg in your Downloads folder, to open it in Finder:

Mac install 1

Step 3: Install in Applications

Drag-and-drop the "Musician Training Center" icon onto the "Applications" icon. This will copy the program files into your Applications folder.

Step 4: Start

Double-click on "Musician Training Center" in your Applications folder to start the program.

Mac install 2


MTC is now installed on your Mac.

For more technical details on MTC for Mac OS X see the Software Documentation page.


Mac OS X: Uninstallation

Step 1: Open the Applications folder, select "Musician Training Center", and move it to the Trash.

This step deletes the files that were created during installation.

Other files were created during the normal program operation. Here's how to remove these files as well:

Step 2: In Finder, click on Go, then "Go to folder" and then type:  ~/Library/

Mac uninstall library

From the Library folder, open the "Application Support" folder and then delete the com.micrologus.mtc folder that you'll find in it:

Mac uninstall library 2

And with that MTC is completely uninstalled from your Mac machine.

A detailed technical documentation of the MTC installation files is available at the Software Documentation page.

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