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Multilateral Ear Trainer

Would you like to be able to play anything you hear or think
effortlessly, without mistakes and without hesitation?

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In other words, would you like to be a play-by-ear master? A play-by-ear master is a musician who can say:

Would you like to be like that? Would you like to be able to listen to a melody, lick, bass line, etc. and then play it back without mistakes &ndash right on the first try?

If you play any instrument and you want to improve, you probably appreciate how useful and how enjoyable such a skill would be!

In fact, do you ever get angry about it? Do you ever think like...

The truth is that yes, you can dramatically develop your ear and your playing skills to a dramatically higher level, but you need to do three things:

Practicing scales, trying to copy songs by ear, music theory, etc. -- all these things are fine, but they don't really develop your ear as thoroughly and directly as you want and need. The world is full of people who played for years but cannot hear 5 notes and play them back without first fumbling around for a while....

If that's your situation, or if you simply want to improve and refine your ear and musical ability to the highest degree possible, I invite you to discover and experience the power of the Multilateral Ear Trainer (MET) software.

MET is a complete ear-training method based on playing along on your instrument.

MET is based on a smart and sophisticated learning strategy, and provides you a real-life, play-along training environment in which your musical ear and playing skills can grow at an amazing speed.

MET is fun as a videogame. Motivating as a personal teacher. Effective as a super-learning lab. Groovy as your best jam session...

If you really want to bring your playing to a whole new level, let the Multilateral Ear Trainer guide you, step by step, all the way to the point where you will be able to say:

“If you can hear it, you can play it
If you can think it, you can play it”

To become a play-by-ear master who can effortlessly play anything you hear or think, you need to follow a smart learning strategy and use a highly effective training method.

Let's see what that means in practice, step by step.

Intervals are the building blocks of music: MASTER them!

Can you recognize any interval you hear? Can you play any interval from any fretboard position? Can you think any interval you wish from any note and hear it in your mind? Can you do all this quickly and effortlessly?

Sorry if I'm blunt, but unless you can answer "YES!" to all these questions, your dream of playing and enjoying music to your full potential will remain just that - a dream.

The very first thing you need to do is to master all the intervals. Everything else will build on this.

Interval-intensive training: enjoyable and extremely effective!

In the initial period of using MET, your training sessions will consist of a methodical series of interval-intensive drills.

The Trainer trains you by playing notes, intervals, and showing you fretboard positions with a realistic musical background and a graded progression of difficulty. You task is to listen, observe the fretboard, recognize what you hear, and play it back along with MET.

As a result of this interactive, interval-intensive kind of training, the various intervals gradually become deeply imprinted in your mind, in your ear, and in your fingers.

Using MET it only takes a few weeks of interval-intensive training to thoroughly master all the basic intervals and get ready for the next, exciting phase...

Position-intensive training: OWN the fretboard!

After you thoroughly learn all intervals one by one, the next thing you need is to be able to play any interval from any fretboard position.

MET's position-intensive drills do exactly that: train you to recognize and play any interval from any fretboard position.

The net result of position-intensive training is that from any given position on the fretboard you can effortlessly play any other note you want.

In practice this means that you only need to hear or think (o read) a note, and you can automatically play it. From any position.

Then, after making enough progress with the basic intervals and positions it's time to start...

"Stretching" training: EXPAND your skills, OVERCOME your limitations!

The next thing you need is to start using your new interval and position skills in "real" music, progressively increasing the difficulty of your training sessions.

This process is similar to playing a well-designed videogame. You start as a "rookie", work your way through different levels, and eventually become a "champion".

In exactly the same way, a few weeks of MET's drills will make you a CHAMPION at playing anything you hear or think...

... and MET is just as enjoyable as the best videogames! Talk about benefits and pleasure at the same time!

MET's stretching drills are designed to give you exactly what you need at this stage.

For example, a stretching drill may start at a slow speed and use only small intervals. Then, little by little, the Trainer speeds up, uses wider intervals, plays more notes, etc, until reaching a certain level.

These training sessions consistently push you to your limits and beyond. Your ability is literally "stretched", expanded, refined.

Stretching drills also make sure that you learn how to use your newly acquired interval and position skills in a realistic musical situation.

After MET's stretching drills take your musical ear and playing skills to a certain level, you're ready to start...

Scale-intensive training: mastering complex music

Scale intensive drills is where you listen and play more and more complex musical phrases.

Once again, MET's training schedule makes your learning curve easy and natural.

You can practice with short or long musical phrases; slowly or quickly; with rests or in rapid-fire sequence; with small or large intervals; in one key or with modulations; using one scale or several...

Scale-intensive drills are perhaps the most exciting and enjoyable to play. You get to listen and play a continously changing sequence of musical phrases, over a wide variety of scales, keys, and chords.

You can use the many ready-made drills, or design your own. You can even record a specific drill (e.g starting at low speed and then increasing it) and run it again later...

As you keep improving your ear and playing skills you are now approaching the level of...

Power training: the sky's the limit

MET's "power drills" are open-ended training tools that you can use for your ongoing training and to develop higher musical abilities.

Power drills are stretching drills on steroids. No matter how good you have become, a power drill will bring you to your limits and force you to improve yourself a bit more every time...

MET means skill development through enjoyable practice

Your musical background and personal history is unique. You probably want to cultivate certain aspects, and you probably also have specific weaknesses that need correction. You'll find that MET can fit your unique needs because all MET drills are fully configurable and customizable.

There are so many useful and enjoyable ways of using it that cannot be described in one page. I didn't even start to tell you about the super-cool lick-intensive drills and the custom licks drills...

I can only invite you to try MET for yourself. Discover all the tricks and tips for becoming a play-by-ear master. Experience how fast you can learn with a smart strategy and an effective training tool...

You can try MET for a free in the Musician Training Center program. You can observe the Trainer in action, read the lessons, evaluate the method and learning strategy...

... and when you're ready to go, you can order MET Professional and enjoy yourself all the way...

... until you can say...

Try it out!

MET is included in the Musician Training Center (MTC) program. Windows and Mac versions are available. Install MTC, then click on [Courses] and double-click on "Multilateral Ear Trainer" to start it. Everything else that you need to know, you'll find it in the course itself.

Download Musician Training Center for Windows or Mac OSX

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You can buy Multilateral Ear Trainer PROFESSIONAL here: MET order page

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