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Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer

This course is designed to help you develop virtuoso-level technique on any fretboard instrument: guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, etc.

A screenshot of a Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer play-along exercise.   Notice the Speed Curve lines in the middle and the Beat Position controller above the metronome.

The Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer play-along exercises include:

The Progress Map shows your strengths, your weaknesses, and your overall progress over time. It also helps you determine what's the most useful kind of exercise for you at any given time. The above screenshot shows the progress of a guitar player over about 2 months of training.

A few other things you might want to know about the course:

The Course manual included in the software contains information, examples, and step by step instructions on how to become a virtuoso player.

Bottom line, if you are interested in developing your playing skills to a high degree, quickly, effectively, and in an enjoyable way, there's one thing that you can do right now:

Try it for yourself, for free, right now

The free trial version of the Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer is included in the Musician Training Center software suite.

Download it now, give it a serious try, and see how your skills start to improve right away...

Here you can download Musician Training Center for Windows or MacOS

And if you find it useful, if you want to continue to develop your musical skills to a high degree, here you can buy Virtuoso Fretboard Trainer PROFESSIONAL


The Musician Training Center team

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