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Musician Training Center - Online Account Documentation

To get the most from your Musician Training Center software we recommend that you use it in combination with a Musician Training Center online account that you can create for free at

This page explains:

Benefits of the MTC account
Creating your MTC account
Logging in the website
Logging in the MTC software
The [Sync] button
Premium modules
Legacy courses
Erasing data

Benefits of the MTC account

The main benefits are:

Creating your MTC account

You can create a new account at

If you forgot your password, get a new one at

If you previously ordered one of our training courses, our system may have already automatically created an MTC account for you and emailed you the details, so that you may easily get the latest upgrades of the courses you purchases through the MTC software. If you need information about the status of your previous orders and their registration with MTC, contact

Logging in the website

You can login into your MTC account at to update your email address, change password, etc.

If you are also operating as an affiliate, your MTC account contains your sales reports, account balance, affiliate links, and other related information.

Logging in your account with the MTC software

When the MTC program starts for the first time, it will ask if you want to register an MTC account with it, or run the program unregistered.

If you have an MTC account, enter you ID and password. The program will connect with's web server to validate it, and then proceed to the main page of the program. If you choose to run the program unregistered, you can always register your MTC account later, by clicking on the [Login] button and entering your ID and password as usual.

Notice that the MTC software does NOT required your computer to be online during normal operation. It only needs to be connected to the Internet when doing online operations such as registering an account, synchronizing your data, checking your mailbox, etc.

The [Sync] button

After you have successfully logged in the MTC software with a valid account, the [Sync] button in the program's main page is activated.

Whenever you click the [Sync] button, the following happens:

Usually a Sync takes only a few seconds, and after that, you computer contains all the latest data from your account, and your account contains a copy of all your local data.

If you install MTC on another computer, all you need to do is to login with your ID and password, click on the [Sync] button, and all your data and premium modules are brought up to date there as well.

Premium Modules

After you buy a premium module (e.g. the Sight-Reading Method, the Improvisation By Degrees method, etc.) and register it to your MTC account, the latest version of the course will be automatically downloaded and installed whenever you click on [Sync] on any computer.

In the Control Panel > Premium modules page of the program you can see which premium modules are present in your account, and register new ones after buying them.

Legacy courses

The "Legacy Courses" are the individual software courses which were developed and distributed individually before the Musician Training Center.

All these courses are now included in the Musician Training Center. If you bought any of those courses, you can get the full version of the same courses in MTC as a free upgrade. The legacy courses are:

If you bought any of these courses and you create a new MTC account with the same email address which you used to buy the courses, the system will automatically add a premium registration for every purchased course to your MTC account.

Otherwise, if you bought any legacy courses with a different email address, send an email to with the details of your previous purchases and the ID of your MTC account, and we will register those courses for you.

Your premium module registrations will never expire. Whether you bought legacy courses in the past separately, or you bought them later as part of MTC, all upgrades will be free for you, for ever.


Affiliates promote the Musician Training Center software online and earn a lifetime commission on the sales they generate.

All affiliate functions are included in the MTC account. As soon as one makes an MTC account, one can start earning income as an affiliate.

For more information about the Musician Training Center's affiliate system see: (login with an MTC account is required)

Erasing data

Erasing your local data may be useful if you are going to sell your computer, lend it to someone, etc.

To erase the data of a particular account, start the program and log out of the current account. You'll see a list of all the recently used account. Press the [Ctrl] key and click on the "Forget" link corresponding to the account you want to erase. Answer [Yes] to the confirmation request, and the account data will be erased.

Note that the above procedure only erases the data on your hard disk. The data stored on your online account is not affected. If you login with your ID and password again and click on [Sync], all the data in your online account will be installed on your computer again.

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