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Legacy Orders

The following courses, originally published as individual programs, are now included in the Musician Training Center software:

If you bought any of these programs in the past, you can now get the full version of the same courses by using the Musician Training Center software, in this way:

1. Download and install Musician Training Center

Download the latest version of Musician Training Center (Windows or Mac) and install it. Download links and instructions are here:

2. Get your Musician Training Center free online account

If you're still using the same email address that you used at the time of the original orders, we should have already created an account for you and emailed you the password. If you didn't receive it, get a new password here:

On the other hand, if you changed email address since your order, you'll need to do two things:

  1. Create a new MTC account:
  2. Send an email to with details of your past orders (serial numbers, old email address) and your new MTC account. We'll then manually connect your previous purchases with your new MTC account.

In any case contact if you need help or if you have any question.

3. Run the MTC software and register your MTC account in it

Run MTC, click on LOGIN and then use your MTC account's ID and password to register yourself.

After successfully registering yourself in MTC, click on the [Sync] button, to automatically download and install all your purchased courses.

After the [Sync] operation is complete, the full version of your purchased courses will be available in the [Courses] section of the Musician Training Center program.


Additional notes

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